We bring speech and language technology to web and mobile apps.

Speech recognition

Our system automatically transcribes human speech into text in several languages.

Search in speech

We have developed a special engine that can search in large archives of speech.

Speech API

Do you need a speech technology in your app? Then, try our Speech API!

Human transcription

Our human transcribers create professional transcription of audio/video data.

Video lectures

Do you need to record, process or host any video lectures? Visit SuperLectures website.

Web and mobile app development

We have built plenty of applications for a variety of devices and are ready to build another one.


Convert your spoken data into text!

SpokenData transcribes your audio and video files. It offers an interactive transcription editor, API, automatic and human transcription services.

Speech technology
  • voice activity detection
  • speaker segmentation
  • speech-to-text
  • text alignment
  • simple search in transcribed speech
  • cloud backend for storing thousands of recordings
  • multimedia data downloader
  • audio/video processing
  • Braintree payments integration
  • SpokenData API

Full service for your conference, event or lecture video recordings

SuperLectures takes full care of your video from recording, processing and hosting to advanced video analytics.

Speech & image processing technology
  • speech-to-text
  • text alignment
  • full-text search in transcribed speech
  • keyword extraction
  • projection screen detection
  • alignment of slides to video
  • HTML5 and flash web video player
  • video recording and processing
  • web CMS for private/public video hosting
  • video editing, intro & outro, subtitling
  • specialized search engine built on top of Lucene
  • SuperLectures API

Get any audio into your smartphone with three clicks!

Just drag&drop any media into Audeliver.com and start listening to it from your smartphone immediately. Creating podcasts is as simple as possible.

audio data extractor podcast tool mobile apps browser plugins API

Captionate any YouTube video!

CaptionsMaker helps you create captions for any YouTube video in one click. Just pass a YouTube video link and start typing the subtitles.

interactive subtitles editor YouTube API integration JW player

Horizon 2020 | The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Clean Sky

Automatic collection and processing of voice data from air-traffic communications

ATCO2 project aims at developing a unique platform allowing to collect, organize and pre-process air-traffic control (voice communication) data from air space. Preliminarily the project will consider the real-time voice communication between air-traffic controllers and pilots available either directly through publicly accessible radio frequency channels, or indirectly from air-navigation service providers (ANSPs). In addition to the voice communication, the contextual information available in a form of metadata (i.e. surveillance data) will be exploited.

The project is funded from European Horizon 2020 CleanSky 2 program. It is coordinated by IDIAP.

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